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2017-2018 Common Read Learning Activites

This LibGuide is an easy way to access all of the Learning Activities available for Out of Chaos, the 2017-2018 Common Read.

Political Action and Student Protests

For background about the Political Action and Student Protests at Mankato State College, read the following sections in Out of Chaos

1. Burt E. Burns (pp. 54-57)
2. Dean Doyscher (pp. 70-72)
3. H. Roger Smith (pp. 144-151)
4. Scott Shrewsbury (pp.136-143)

Political Protests

A.  People used protest measures to also bring attention to a variety of societal changes. The selected Out of Chaos readings describe numerous societal changes that were being pushed on campus and around the country. 

  1. Besides student protests against the war what other protests and conflicts were occurring on the Mankato State campus?
  2. What changes did these protests eventually bring to the Mankato State campus?

B.  How would you describe student political involvement happening today?  In your opinion do you think there is more political protests happening today compared to five years ago?  Please explain.

C.  Not everyone on campus and in the Mankato community supported the anti-war movement.

  1. How did townspeople respond to the activities of student protesters?
  2. Give examples of how violence towards protesters was defused on campus or in the community.

Outside Agitators and Agent Provocateurs

D.  On page 142 Scott Shrewsbury writes about "outside agitators" and "agent provocateurs" possibly being on the Mankato State campus.

  1. What do you think would have been the purpose of outside agitators and agent provocateurs? Who would have benefited from their actions?
  2. Do you think protestors today have to contend with outside agitators and agent provocateurs infiltrating their organizations?  Why or why not?

Demonstrations and Rallies at Minnesota State University, Mankato

E.  According to the Campus Demonstration University Policy, Minnesota State University, Mankato is considered what type of campus?  What rights may students exercise on the campus? 

F. If you wanted to hold a 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. demonstration on the lawn of Performing Arts Center, what steps would you need to take?  If your group is going to use a hand-held megaphone at the demonstration what procedures would you need to follow? 

G. What are the three Rationale and Guiding Principles for hosting a campus demonstration? 

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