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2017-2018 Common Read Learning Activites

This LibGuide is an easy way to access all of the Learning Activities available for Out of Chaos, the 2017-2018 Common Read.

Lower Campus

For background on the Lower Campus at Mankato State College, read the following sections in Out of Chaos

1. Robert Browne (pp. 52-53)
2. Charles "Chuck" Lofy (pp. 98)
3. David Phelps (pp.106-119)

Buildings on the Lower Campus

A. In the late 1960's, early 1970's, the Mankato campus was split into an upper and a lower campus. Follow the link below to see a photograph of Lower Campus.  

  • This area is located near Cherry Street, South 5th Street and East Hickory Street.  Looking at a modern day Google map, identify which buildings are still standing. 

             ​Archival image of the buildings on the lower campus.

Read more about Marvin Nichols here and here


                                                            Professor Marvin Nichols, Health Education Chemistry. 

B. The Nichols building is named after Professor Marvin Nichols. Follow the above links to read more about Professor Marvin Nichols. 

  1. When and how did Professor Nichols die? 
  2. What was the name of his wife?

Extra Credit.   Visit the Old Main Administration building, which is now know as Old Main Village (located at 301 S. 5th St, Mankato).  Standing on the public sidewalk take a picture of yourself in front of the building and post the picture to the Common Read Facebook page (use #MavCommonRead).

Events that Happened on Lower Campus

C.  After reading the three sections from Out of Chaos (Browne, Lofy, Phelps), describe some of the events that happened at the Lower Campus.   

D. Read the above article in the May 12, 1972 issue of the Daily Reporter.

  1. At what point did the take over of the building became violent?
  2. Do you think the student's activities at Old Main on May 11, 1972 were successful in protesting the war?  Why or why not?

Transportation Between Upper and Lower Campus

E. Starting in 1960 the Mankato State campus had a intercampus bus to transport students between the upper and lower campuses.  The bus made circuits approximately every 20 minutes.

  1. What challenges did having to commute from upper to lower campus and back present to students?
  2. With Minnesota State Mankato's present day campus, which also includes bus service, do you think students today face similar challenges to getting around?  Why or why not?

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