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2017-2018 Common Read Learning Activites

This LibGuide is an easy way to access all of the Learning Activities available for Out of Chaos, the 2017-2018 Common Read.

Kent State

For background about Kent State and it's impact at Mankato State College, read the following sections in Out of Chaos

1. Chronology (pp. 1-28)
2. Mark Halverson (pp. 93-95)
3. Dan Quillin (pp. 119-126)

Four Dead in Ohio

A. Watch the video, Four Dead in Ohio.

  1. What happened at Kent State? 
  2. What did Nixon announce on April 30 which went on to provoke students to protest at Kent State? (Hint: See the Chronology in Out of Chaos.)
  3. In your opinion do you think the National Guard was ordered to fire.  Why or why not?
  4. What impact did the events at Kent State go on to have at the national level?

B. According to the Chronology what happened on April 30 through May 15, 1970? 

  1. Find a copy of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's anti-war song "Ohio" on YouTube and listen to it.  How do you think this song affected young people and the country?
  2. Do you know of any current day songs that have political themes?  If yes, how do you think they have affected people?

Kent State-Jackson State Memorial at Minnesota State University, Mankato

C. The Kent State-Jackson State Memorial at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

  1. According to Mark Halverson and Dan Quillin, what is written on the Kent State-Jackson State Memorial?  In your opinion what do you think the Memorial slogan means?
  2. What happened to the first two Kent State-Jackson State Memorial stones?
  3. What is buried beneath the present day Kent State-Jackson State Memorial?

D. Visit the Kent State-Jackson State Memorial located next to Morris Hall.  Take a picture of yourself in front of the Memorial and post the picture to the Common Read Facebook page (use #MavCommonRead).

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