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Collection Analysis

The Collections Power BI (CPBI)

Anyone in the Minnesota State System should be able to use this link. Unfortunately, we cannot currently provide access to the Power BI service to anyone outside of the system.

This link will lead to the CPBI, including numerous pages of graphs and lists allowing one to explore how the Mankato Journal Collection supports subjects. Analytical categories include quality, usage, supply, and cost across dozens of variables. There is also currently one page allowing users to dive into physical collections.

The power in Power BI comes from the filters on the side. These can be combined in any number. For the journals graphs, note that the subject filter comes from ScImago (derived from Scopus), while the LCCN comes from Alma Electronic Resources Holdings, so using the LCCN filter will limited results to holdings.

See the static picture below for an example page. These visualizations are sliceable across about a dozen or so variables, such as subject, LCCN, vendor, publisher, and so on.

See the CPBI Cookbook for ideas about how to use the CPBI.

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