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Collection Analysis

General Collection Reduction Plan

The MNSU Library is engaged in a massive physical collections reduction plan from 2023 to 2025. The key project is the 35-40% reduction of the General Collection, comprising about 400,000 volumes at the start of the project. The General Collection Reduction Plan (GCRP) will be guided by several types of reports, including Tapelists to guide student work, Shelflists to support librarian work, and a Setlist, so that we can consider sets of any sort (series, serials, etc.) separately.

The General Collection Reduction Plan Overview report (or GenRep) and the project reports listed above are not currently available publicly.

Alma Analytics Shelflist & Physical Collections Profile reports

We will add documentation here for MNSU librarians. The Alma Analytics reports can be run at anytime to provide a current picture of physical holdings. (Alma Analytics data are updated nightly, in most cases, so the reports will reflect all changes to the collections through the previous day.)

For the time being, please use the basic documentation linked here to run the Analytics report entitled "Shelflist by Loc & LCCN range."

Some reports might be self-explanatory:

  • Barcode Lookup
  • LCCN Lookup

Other reports are drafts and feedback is requested:

  • Physical Items Aggregation Example
  • Titles Aggregation Example

These reports can be found in Alma, by clicking on Analytics: Reports. The two aggregation examples are named for the Analytics areas from which they are drawn. Either can be used for collection profiles.

An overview of all physical collections is also available in the CPBI, currently accessible only within Minnesota State.

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