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Information Literacy Toolkit

Competency Five

Ethically communicate synthesized and new knowledge in order to complete an academic inquiry

Ethical Considerations with Information

  Introductory Intermediate Advanced
 5.a   Define plagiarism and academic honesty Explain Ethical and legal considerations (such as academic honesty, IRB, and copyright) specific to discipline Demonstrate ethical and legal considerations of attribution, academic honesty, IRB, and copyright (including basic knowledge of fair use, open access, and the public domain)

Citations & Academic Honesty

  Introductory Intermediate Advanced
 5.b  Describe how citations relate to academic honesty (i.e. why do we cite?)    

Using Multiple Sources

  Introductory Intermediate Advanced
 5.c Identify multiple sources and/or perspectives to support an argument Select appropriate information to sythesize from multiple sources and/or perspectives Propose need for new knowledge based on multiple sources and perspectives

Citing Sources

  Introductory Intermediate Advanced
 5.d Cite sources accurately and consistently using appropriate citation style Cite sources accurately and consistently using a discipline-specific citation style  

Scholarly Conversations

  Introductory Intermediate Advanced
 5.e Observe use of knowledge in scholarly conversations Use knowledge to participate in scholarly conversations Identify opportunities to share findings (social media, open access journals, etc.)


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