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Counseling and Student Personnel

A guide identifing basic resources to consult when conducting research in the fields of mental health, community, and school counseling as well as college student affairs.

What is a literature review?

Types of Literature Reviews

When someone refers to a literature review, they may mean either:

  • a finished product representing an extensive compilation of references identifying relevant research and theory in a selected field of study that relates to the research question, or
  • an ongoing process designed to help formulate a research question, as well as inform research methodology and the analysis and interpretation of collected information and data.

Process for Conducting Literature Review Research

Develop a Broad Overview by consulting resources to learn general information about a concept or about a context (e.g., educational history within the U.S., teaching English as a foreign language).

Search for Information by using core research resources in the field of education to focus your topic (e.g. the impact of John Dewey and the progressive education movement, teaching English writing skills to students in Venezuela).

Interact with Information to develop skills and strategies that will help you remember, understand, and assimilate new information.

Form Research Question using a checklist of the key components of a good research question.

Cite Sources using the APA style manual.

Books on the Literature Review and Writing Process

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