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Counseling and Student Personnel

A guide identifing basic resources to consult when conducting research in the fields of mental health, community, and school counseling as well as college student affairs.


Developing a Preliminary Research: A Checklist

Elements of a research question
Does the research question take into account or reflect these questions? Corresponding research actions
The evolutionary history or historical backdrop for the subject or topic being studies? Identify and study the history
The acknowledgement and discussion of differing definitions for terminology related to the subject or topic being explored? Identify and explore the different uses of terms
The generally accepted concepts, principles, and theories related to the subject or topic drawn upon to inform and direct the research? Identify and draw upon established concepts, principles, and theories
The current discourse or debates within the discipline, as well as recent and ongoing research related to the subject or topic being analyzed? Identify and analyze current discourse and debates
The identification of "missing links" or disparities in previous research related to the subject or topic being discussed? Identify and discuss "missing links" or disparities
The formulation of a logical justification establishing the significance of the proposed research? Identify and provide a rationale and evidence for why

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