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Recreation, Parks, and Leadership Studies

Print and electronic library sources for recreation, parks, and leisure services. Topics include recreational leadership, leisure planning, resource management, and therapeutic recreation.

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The following search box lists journals, magazines and newspapers available (both print and electronic) from Memorial Library. This link is most useful when you have a citation for a journal and would like to see if we own it.

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What is a Peer-Reviewed Journal?

What is a “peer-reviewed” journal?

  • Submissions are usually reviewed by professionals, such as professors, research scientists, or other scholars
  • The scholarly professionals or “peers” have qualifications and interests similar to the authors
  • Acceptance for publication is usually selective
  • An editorial board may manage the journal, its contents, and the review process
  • The journal is often searchable in prominent indexes within the discipline

Common elements of a scholarly or “peer-reviewed” journal article

Abstract – What is this article about? The abstract is a concise summary.

Introduction – What is the key problem, issue, or question?

Method – How will the author investigate the problem? With a laboratory test? Or a survey? Or another type of study?

Results – Research findings, including observations, statistics, graphs, etc.

Discussion / Conclusion – What did the author learn? What did the study prove? What questions are still unanswered?

References – What other scholarly articles did the author consult when conducting this research and writing this article?

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