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APA Writing Style

APA style is a commonly used writing style for formatting papers in many disciplines. Using a standardized format provides both the reader and writer with a common understanding of the layout of a paper and how to find cited sources.

It is helpful for students to consider APA style in 3 parts:

  • Formatting:  the layout of a paper
  • In-text Citations: briefly citing sources in paragraphs
  • Reference List: full citation information at the end of a paper

APA Style: Formatting (7th Edition)

Use these links to help design your paper according to APA style:

APA Style: In-Text Citations (7th Edition)

Use these links to help you cite sources in the body of your paper:

APA Style: Reference List (7th Edition)

Use these links to help you create a Reference page to list citations to sources used in your paper:

APA Publication Manuals

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