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Sports & Human Performance (general information)

Introductory library information for sports-related topics

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The library's books are organized on the shelf by subject using call numbers.  Use the call numbers below to help you browse the stacks for human performance and sport books.

Subject Call Number
Physical education and training GV201-555
   School and college athletics. GV346-351.5
   Sports facilities Including gymnasiums,
   athletic fields, playgrounds, etc.
   Physical measurements. Physical tests, etc. GV435-436.7
   Adapted physical education GV 445
   Gymnastic exercises including calisthenics,
   heavy exercises, acrobatics, etc.
Sports GV557-1198.995
   Sports psychology GV704-706
   Coaching GV711
   Athletic contests. Sports events GV712-725
   Professional sports (General) GV733-734.5
   Sports officiating GV735
   Athletic and sporting goods, supplies, etc. GV743-749

   Air sports: Airplane flying, kiteflying,
   bungee jumping, etc.

   Water sports: Canoeing, sailing, yachting, scuba
   diving, etc.
   Winter sports: Ice hockey, skiing, bobsledding,
   snowmobiling, etc.
   Ball games: Baseball, football, golf, etc. GV861-1017
   Cycling. Bicycling. Motorcycling GV1040-1060.4
   Track and field athletics GV1060.5-1098
   Fighting sports: Bullfighting, boxing, fencing, etc. GV1100-1150.9
   Wrestling GV1195-1198.995
Sports Law KF 3989
Cardiatric physiology QP99-114
Exercise physiology & kinesiology QP301-303
Preventative medicine-exercise for health RA781
Cardiac rehabilitation


Sports medicine RC1210-45
   By age and gender RC1218
   By activity (football, baseball, etc.) RC1220
   Physiology of sports RC1235-1245
Sports injuries RD97
Pediatric exercise physiology RJ133
Exercise testing & rehabilitation RM725

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