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Sports & Human Performance (general information)

Introductory library information for sports-related topics

MSU Access to PubMed

Helpful PubMed Links

Individual Record in PubMed

An individual article record in PubMed. Look for the Minnesota State University Mankato full text provider link to see if we have this actical available

Linking PubMed to MSU Library Resources

The special PubMed link at the top of this page connects PubMed records to MSU's library subscriptions and interlibrary loan services (to request articles we do not own).  Each PubMed record should have a  library logo image link/logo in the upper right corner of the screen.  Clicking this link will connect PubMed to the library's resources.  If you do not see this link/logo, append the following information to the end of PubMed URL:


As a result, starting with a standard PubMed URL like this:

Paste the code above at the end of the address and press enter:

PubMed URL with appended URL information

 library logo image should now be visible to the right of the title.

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