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Data Management

This guide will assist you through the process for developing a data management plan, as well as helping you to identify and address research funders' requirements.

How to Cite Data

Citing data and data sets is just as important as citing references to books, articles or other resources used when reporting research results.  The citation format for the data set(s) is oftentimes dependent upon the repository selected to archive the data.  Unfortunately, many citation styles do not always provide examples for data set citations. Provided below are some resources to help you determine what you need to include in a citation.  The tabs located at the top this box provide examples of formatted citations in various styles.

D'Souza, A., & Wiseheart, M. (2018). Cognitive effects of music and dance training in children (ICPSR 37080; Version V1) [Data set]. ICPSR.

Oregon Youth Authority. (2011). Recidivism outcomes [Unpublished raw data]. 

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