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Data Management

This guide will assist you through the process for developing a data management plan, as well as helping you to identify and address research funders' requirements.

Sharing Data

Many key organizations providing funding for research require the submission of a data management plan as part of the grant application process to ensure the sharing of  data.  Sharing data increases the likelihood of a study being cited, as well as expanding the impact of the study itself.  Additional benefits from sharing data include:

  • encouraging scientific inquiry and debate
  • promoting innovation and potential new data uses
  • developing new collaborations between data users and data collectors
  • maximizing transparency and accountability
  • enabling the scrutinization of research findings
  • encouraging the improvement and validation of research methods
  • reducing the cost of duplicating data collection
  • providing credit to the researcher as a research output in its own right
  • providing great resources for education and training

Under the "Getting Started" tab are resources to help researchers identify in detail what to consider and where to begin when developing a data management plan.

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