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Data Management

This guide will assist you through the process for developing a data management plan, as well as helping you to identify and address research funders' requirements.

Data Sharing

Having acknowledged who owns the compiled data, it is important to note "one of the essential ingredients of reusable data is clarity of reuse permissions, terms, and conditions.  Prospective reusers need to know exactly what they can do with the data.  Those conditions and permissions should be explicit. Not being clear about permission to reuse data can have the same result as forbidding data reuse, because uncertainty can be enough to discourage the potential reuser." (excerpted with minor alternations from Data Re-Use and Licensing Frameworks by the Australian National Data Service)

When sharing data, the funding agency may stipulate specific policies and procedures for doing so.  If there is no need to comply with specific policies and procedures, please consider a Creative Commons license or any other type of open content license to ensure free and easy access to your data.  In addition, if you are a Minnesota State University Mankato faculty member, you can share your data in Cornerstone, the institutional repository for the University. Contact the Digital Initiatives Librarian for details. 

Creative Commons License
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