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Getting to Know Checkpoint EDGE


A tax and accounting research tool, Checkpoint EDGE provides access to standards, laws, regulations, case law, and agency guidance. Content in this resource is continuously being updated. The Checkpoint collection of resources include:

  • accounting and tax-related materials in the following areas
    • federal
    • state
    • estate
    • pension & benefits
    • international
    • payroll
    • accounting, auditing, & corporate finance
  • primary content includes (but is not limited to):
    • federal tax cases
    • Internal Revenue Code
    • IRS publications, rulings, and releases
    • treasury regulations
  • analytical & editorial content includes (but is not limited to):
    • Federal Tax Coordinator 2d
    • full text journals
    • Legislation International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
    • RIA Federal Tax Handbook
    • text and analysis of current/pending/historical tax legislation
    • United States Tax Reporter

A selective list of specific tax reference titles includes:

Corporate Taxation Category

  • Federal Income Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders--Bittker and Eustice
  • Federal Income Taxation of S Corporations--Christian and Grant

Partnership and Limited Liability Entity Taxation

  • Federal Income Taxation of Passive Activities--Sutton and Howell-Smith
  • Federal Taxation of Partnership and Partners--McKee, Nelson, and Whitmire
  • Partnership Taxation--Willis, Postlewaite, and Alexander

Individual and General Federal Taxation

  • Federal Income Taxation of Individuals--Bittker and Lokken
  • Federal Taxation of Income Estates, and Gifts--Bittker, McMahon, and Zelenak


  • U.S. Tax Treaties and Explanations--Checkpoint Editors/Authors

Other Resources

  • WG&L Tax Dictionary

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License