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Classic Books: Nonfiction

A suggested reading guide to immerse oneself in the classics


The Histories

Call Number: D58 .H4x 1954 (General Collection)
ISBN: 0670024899

The History of the Peloponnesian War

Call Number: DF229.T5 D34 1853x v.1 & v.2 (General Collection)
ISBN: 0140440399

The Art of War

Call Number: U101 .S95 1991 (General Collection)
ISBN: 0877735379

The Republic

Call Number: JC71 .P35 2007 (General Collection)
ISBN: 0140455116
Publication Date: 2007-09-14


Call Number: PA3621 .A75 1995 (General Collection)
ISBN: 0674995635

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

Call Number: DG311 .G53 1952 v.1 & v.2 (General Collection)
ISBN: 0375758119

The Confessions

Call Number: PQ2036 .A5 1953x (General Collection)
ISBN: 014044033X

Democracy in America

Call Number: JK216 .T713 2004 (General Collection)
ISBN: 1931082545

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

The true story of an individual's struggle for self-identity, self-preservation, and freedom, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl remains among the few extant slave narratives written by a woman. This autobiographical account chronicles the remarkable odyssey of Harriet Jacobs (1813-1897) whose dauntless spirit and faith carried her from a life of servitude and degradation in North Carolina to liberty and reunion with her children in the North. Written and published in 1861 after Jacobs' harrowing escape from a vile and predatory master, the memoir delivers a powerful and unflinching portrayal of the abuses and hypocrisy of the master-slave relationship. Jacobs writes frankly of the horrors she suffered as a slave, her eventual escape after several unsuccessful attempts, and her seven years in self-imposed exile, hiding in a coffin-like "garret" attached to her grandmother's porch. A rare firsthand account of a courageous woman's determination and endurance, this inspirational story also represents a valuable historical record of the continuing battle for freedom and the preservation of family.

Walden, Civil Disobedience, and Other Writings

Call Number: PS3048 .A1 2008b (General Collection)
ISBN: 0393930904

On Liberty

Call Number: JC585 .M6 1955x (General Collection)
ISBN: 0486421309

The Origin of Species

Call Number: QH365.O2 B44 1996 (General Collection)
ISBN: 019283438X

History of the United States of America

Call Number: E302.1 .A236x v.1 to v.9 (General Collection)
ISBN: 9781108033022

The Interpretation of Dreams

Call Number: BF1078 .F72 1994 (General Collection)
ISBN: 067960121X

The Elements of Style

Call Number: PE1408 .S772 2000 (General Collection)
ISBN: 020530902X

The Meaning of Relativity

Call Number: QC6 .E43 1950 (General Collection)
ISBN: 1567311369

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Call Number: BF637.S8 C37 1998 (General Collection)
ISBN: 0671027034

Out of Africa

Call Number: DT434.E2 B6 1963 (General Collection)
ISBN: 0679600213

Dusk of Dawn

Call Number: E187.97 .D73 (General Collection)
ISBN: 0878559175

The Mathematical Theory of Communication

Call Number: TK5101 .S45 1963x (General Collection)
ISBN: 0252725484

Silent Spring

Call Number: QH545.P4 C38 1994 (General Collection)
ISBN: 0395683297

The Death and Life of Great American Cities

Call Number: HT167 .J33 1993 (General Collection)
ISBN: 0679600477

The Guns of August

Call Number: D530 .T8 (General Collection)
ISBN: 0345476093

In Cold Blood

Call Number: HV6533.K3 C3 1992 (General Collection)
ISBN: 0812994388

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Call Number: PS3551.N464 Z466 1997 (General Collection)
ISBN: 055338001X

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

Call Number: E81 .B75 1971 (General Collection)
ISBN: 0805086846

God Is Red

Call Number: BL2776 .D44 1975 (General Collection)
ISBN: 1555914985

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