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This guide provides resources for the emerging topic in academia: Spirituality. 

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What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is a relatively new religious movement. It focuses on achieving the highest form of self using the mind. Controversy regarding the existence of this state is common.

The Encyclopedia of New Religious Movements (2005) defines it as:

"Spirituality encompasses all ideas and beliefs which involve a transcendence of the individual person (body and mind)...The term is widely used and analysis of what it needs to entail suggests that a religious belief is not essential, what is essential is a continuous reverential or equivalent experience, maintained effort or practice, and the experience of love," (Clarke, p. 543). 

The term "spirituality" is also used by people to express their personal relationship with the idea of a higher power that is not institutionalized in any way. People can form their own "spiritualities" and beliefs based on what feels right to them.

Some booming spirituality practices consist of yoga, meditation, healing crystals, incense, or personal rituals. Studies have shown yoga and meditation to effectively relieve student stress and improve academic performance. These practices are appealing to younger generations and are sometimes associated with the popular phrase, "Spiritual but not religious."

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