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ENG 100: Academic Reading and Writing

This guide contains information to help you find research for ENG 100: Academic Reading and Writing (formerly Introduction to Composition) assignments.

Need Writing Help?

Check out the links below for some resources to help you with your writing!

Guides for Writing in Specific Disciplines

Sometimes certain subjects, or disciplines, will have special expectations for writing. They may require special formats, certain content, or want you to meet specific standards. Below are links to various guides to help you write for your discipline.

Here are some Memorial Library Resources for writing in the disciplines:


Here are some other sources for writing in the disciplines:

Writing Tutorials from LinkedIn Learning (formerly known as

LinkedIn Learning is a huge online training resource that offers video tutorials for everything from computers and technology, to software and skills. Unsurprisingly, they also have writing tutorials! Check the link below for a complete list of contents. 

Free through MSU

That's right! All students and faculty have free access to LinkedIn Learning. Our subscription is maintained through IT, so you can check the link below to signup for LinkedIn Learning. 

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