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World Languages & Cultures

Library resources supporting World Languages & Cultures, including French, German, Scandinavian Studies, and Spanish.

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Call numbers for World Languages-related materials in Memorial Library—including items the general, reference, DVD & periodical collections—are organized using the following outline.


P – Language and Literature

P-PH – Philology & Linguistics (arranged by language)

PJ – Oriental philology and literature

            PJ6001-8517          Arabic

PK – Indo-Iranian philology and literature

            PK1931-2212          Hindi, Urdu, Hindustani languages and literatures

PL – Languages of East Asia, Africa, Oceania

            PL501-889             Japanese language and literature

            PL901-998             Korean language and literature

            PL1001-3208         Chinese language and literature

            PL8000-8844       African languages and literature

PM – Hyperborean, Indian and artificial languages

            PM101-2711            American languages (Aboriginal)

            PM3001-4566        Languages of Mexico and Central America

            PM5001-7356        Languages of South America and the West Indies 

PN – General Literature

            Poetry, plays, short story anthologies, etc.

PQ – Romance Literature

            PQ1-3999               French literature

            PQ6001-8929        Spanish literature 

PR – English Literature

PS – American Literature

PT – German Literature

            PT7001-7099         Scandinavian literature

            PT7101-7338          Old Norse literature: Old Icelandic and Old Norwegian

            PT7351-7550          Modern Icelandic literature

            PT8301-9155          Norwegian literature

            PT9201-9999          Swedish literature

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