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Affordable Textbook Initiative

The library is always looking for ways to help students and faculty.  One way is through our Affordable Textbook Initiative, aimed at providing access to some textbooks in both print and digital formats. 

Who to contact?

Each department has a dedicated subject librarian faculty member serving as a liaison. 

Request Materials


While we always do our best to serve the faculty, staff, and students of MSU Mankato, not all titles are available for the Library to purchase as print or eBooks for various reasons including but not limited to:

  • Out of print
  • Not available in digital format
  • Budget
  • Some textbook publishers do NOT allow libraries to purchase electronic versions (Cengage, Pearson, etc.)
  • Limited numbers of simultaneous users
  • No existing license with publisher or vendor - establishing a license can take months or in some cases are so prohibitive that we cannot agree to them.

Creative Commons License
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