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Affordable Textbook Initiative

The library is always looking for ways to help students and faculty.  One way is through our Affordable Textbook Initiative, aimed at providing access to some textbooks in both print and digital formats. 

Find Textbooks & Course Reserves

You can search for Maverick Textbooks and other course readings through the library's Textbooks & Course Reserves Page. Items are added daily at the beginning of each semester.

Use the textbooks and course reserves page to find course readings available through the library

Maverick Textbooks and Reserves

The print and electronic reserve collections at Memorial Library allow faculty to place readings for their students in a central location.

The Maverick Textbook Reserve Program is a longstanding program under the combined efforts of Student Government, Barnes and Noble Bookstore, and Library Services to provide textbooks for short term check out for undergraduate classes with high enrollment numbers.  Learn more...

We also place other books on Reserve outside the Maverick Textbook Reserve Program. This reserve collection includes both library-owned materials and faculty owned materials. We have recently enhanced this program by looking at lists of all required course readings for undergraduate classes and proactively taking books from the general collection and moving them to the reserve collection.  In some cases, we have purchased multiply copies of books where we anticipate high use.  If we have electronic access to books on the required reading list we area adding a link to our electronic reserves and checking to see if multiple users may use these resources whether they be eBooks, chapters of eBooks, or articles. This proactive approach has added large amounts of resources available to more students on reserve. To learn more or request that material be placed on reserve, visit our Reserves page.

Because of COVID-19, our checkout period for reserve books has been expanded from 2 hours (in most cases) to 24 hours.

Browse eBooks by subject

Interested in using an eBook for your next semester syllabus but not sure where to start? Browse through eBook collections by subject from some of our biggest vendors:

  • eBook Collection (EBSCO) - A growing and changing collection of over 145,000 e-books in many different academic subject areas; includes mainly works from university presses and other academic publishers. 
  • eBook Central (ProQuest) - Collection of electronic books covering many topics - mostly nonfiction and classic literature. Includes Cliff's Notes and Nolo books. *A version of this resource is provided by the Electronic Library of Minnesota, freely accessible to anyone in Minnesota!*
  • eBooks Minnesota - "Ebooks Minnesota is an online ebook collection for all Minnesotans. The collection covers a wide variety of subjects for readers of all ages, and features content from our state's independent publishers, including some of our best literature and nonfiction." *This resource is provided by the Electronic Library of Minnesota, freely accessible to anyone in Minnesota!*
  • Gale eBooks - Electronic reference books on a variety of subject. Includes: History in Dispute, World Eras, Grzimek's Animal Life, History of American Cinema, Science and Its Times, Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion and many more! 

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