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Children's Fiction: Sources for Books, Authors, and Read-Alikes

This guide provides an overview of Memorial Library's children's fiction collection, with suggestions for read-alikes for our most popular titles.

Keep Them Reading!

If your children loved some of our books, don't let them stop with these lists!  Below, find resources where you can browse selections, find more books by your favorite authors, and dig up similar reads to your child's favorites!  Keep them reading!

Resources for Books and Authors

Virtual Browse on Memorial Library's Catalog

Our very own library catalog has a virtual browse option.  Simply double-click on the title you like and scroll down to find similar titles of interest!  

Catalog entry for THE MISFITS by James Howe 


Click on the book covers to read more about these great finds!




Some Read-Alike Recommendations

If you liked But Excuse Me That is My Book, we recommend:

If you liked Nate the Great and the Big Sniff, we recommend:

If you enjoyed Blizzard of the Blue Moon, you might like:

If you loved The Mysterious Benedict Society, you might also be fascinated by:

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