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Children's Fiction: Picture Books

This guide provides an overview of Memorial Library's children's fiction collection, with suggestions for read-alikes for our most popular titles.

Board Books

Many children's first books are board books -- picture books with sturdy cardboard pages which aren't easily damaged, and which the baby and young toddler can touch and play with easily. Board books have very few words -- and sometimes none! -- and lots of colorful pictures to catch the young reader's attention. Many are interactive, with different textures to touch, flaps to lift, and more! Check out some of our favorites below!

Longer Picture Books

Picture books can come in all shapes and sizes. Longer picture books are usually made from regular paper (as opposed to the cardboard used for board books) and contain more words and detailed plots.  While the illustrations still show important plot points and add to the story, complex ideas can be conveyed through the combination of illustrations and words.  See some of our highly recommended longer picture books here!

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