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Special MSU Access to PubMed

Linking PubMed to MSU Library Resources

The special PubMed link at the top of this page connects PubMed records to MSU's library subscriptions and interlibrary loan services (to request articles we do not own).  Each PubMed record should have a  library logo image link/logo in the upper right corner of the screen.  Clicking this link will connect PubMed to the library's resources.  If you do not see this link/logo, append the following information to the end of PubMed URL:


As a result, starting with a standard PubMed URL like this:

Paste the code above at the end of the address and press enter:

PubMed URL with appended URL information

 library logo image should now be visible to the right of the title.


We added some new features to PubMed (Medline) interface that will make finding the articles you need faster and easier.

New features include:

  • All results will now display the button, linking to electronic or print holdings and interlibrary loan options.
  • Five new filters to narrow down the literature, visible to the right of your search results.
  1. Systematic Reviews – Shows only articles that are systematic reviews of meta-analyses.
  2. Therapy / Treatment – Shows a narrow set of randomized controlled trials.
  3. Diagnosis – Shows a narrow set of articles discussing diagnostic criteria. 
  4. Etiology / Harm – Shows a narrow set of articles discussing the risks of a treatment, procedure, or activity.
  5. Prognosis – Shows a narrow set of articles discussing prognostic criteria.

Note: If you are signed into your own MyNCBI account, you will not see these features. To add these to your own account, please ask a librarian or see the Customization tab in this guide.

Ask a Librarian

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