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Help with PubMed Outside Tool: Customization


MyNCBI has preferences that you can set to customize your PubMed experience.  The "Outside Tool" preference is important because it tells PubMed which subscribing institution you belong to. The Outside Tool also gives you access to the library's full text and interlibrary loan options. Follow these steps to select the 's Outside Tool within MyNCBI.

    Under the MyNCBI log out link at the top right of the page, locate the "NCBI Site Preferences" link.


    Under "PubMed Preferences", click on "Outside Tool".


    An alphabetical list of institutions will display.  Choose "M" and click in the radio button to the left of "Minnesota State University, Mankato" to select this as your "Outside Tool" and then click save.


This option enables PubMed to recognize you as a subscriber even if you didn't access Pubmed from the Library Services home page.  As long as you are logged into your MyNCBI account, you will be recognized by PubMed as a subscriber, even if you are off campus and not on the campus network.

The "Outside Tool" also provides easier access to the full-text articles via the button, which appears to the right of the generic full-text button.  By utilizing the 360 Link to Full Text button, you will link to Library Services online subscription, instead of the publisher site.

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