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Off-Campus and Online Users

Learn how MSU students, faculty, and staff can access library materials away from campus

As you navigate the library pages off campus you will see login screens such as:

Off-campus library loginMinnState login

Are You Having Trouble Logging into a Library Resource?

Some students and staff can login into services like MavMail and D2L with their StarID, but not our library resources such as databases.  Login errors may be due to a password syncing process starting at the MinnState level.

1.  Reset your StarID, close your browser, and open a new browser window to log into a library resource

2. If resetting your StarID does not work, contact the IT Help & Support

You will be prompted to reset your StarID password every six months.

Basic Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks

The following are a few basic tips and tricks that are known to fix common access problems. If these do not solve the issue, please contact

  • Try clearing the browser's cache. If you need help doing this, see the troubleshooting steps.

    • This can sometimes help resolve access problems for resources that recently updated their URL. Browsers will sometimes hold onto the old URL - this is usually done as a convenience so the website will load faster the next time you visit it. However, this can cause issues if the resource's URL has been recently updated. Clearing your cache will get rid of the outdated information and allow your browser to process the new information successfully.

  • Go Incognito (Private Browsing)

    • If you are not comfortable with clearing your browser's cache, private browsing can be a secondary option. Once in a private browsing window, proceed with accessing content like normal. Please note that this is only a temporary fix compared to actually clearing your browser's cache.

  • Change Your StarID Password

    • This can resolve log-in problems when trying to authenticate through EZproxy. If you are still experiencing problems when trying to login-in, contact IT Solutions.

  • Refresh the Item Record in your Browser

    • If you are not seeing the Available Online access option in an item's MavScholar record, sometimes refreshing the webpage will fix the issue. If this doesn't work for you, please email and provide a permalink to the example you encountered for further investigation.

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