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Find books and ebooks using library resources

Searching for Books and eBooks

After reviewing this information, you will be able to:

  • Find books through the library's Books & Media search
  • Access ebooks through the library's website
  • Record the collection name & call number in the online book search in order to find the physical book in the library

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Search for Books & eBooks Tutorial

Searching for Books at MSU

Use the directions below to search for and access book information from Memorial Library.

To start, first navigate to the library's homepage. Then, click on the "Books & Media" tab and search for your title or topic. 

use the search bar under the books and media tab

There's a lot of info to keep track of when you look for a book. Keep an eye out for the information below.

use search filters to narrow by different format, date, language or discipline. ebooks will say online and ebook in the information. click the title of an item to view its information. Note the availability of a book its call number and its collection to learn where it is

Once you find your book, how you will access the book's information will depend on whether it's an ebook or physical book. Physical books will simply say "book," say "Available at MSU", and have a call number and location listed. Online or ebooks will also be labeled as a book, but they will have the phrase "Available Online" at the bottom of the entry. To access your ebook or book information, choose the appropriate directions below. 

ebooks will say they are a book and available online. regular books will say book along with available at MSU with a location and call number.

To go directly to a text, click the "Available Online" button.

click the available online link to go directly to your ebook

Many books will take you straight to a page where you can download or read the book online. Look for "Read Online" and "Download Book" options. 

use read online or full download buttons to access your text.

If you want more information about a book, or want to see if there are multiple options for accessing a book; click the title of the book to access more information.

click on the title of an ebook to get more information or see more option.

First, click on the title of the book to get more information.

click on the title of the book to get the books details

When you click on a book, you'll be taken to the Detailed Record page. This page displays information about the contents, location, and availability of the book. You'll also find some neat tools to make your research quicker, like our Citation Generator and Email features.

The details page lists the call number, location, and whether the book is available to be checked out. It also has important book information like date, publisher, and ISBN numbers. the quotation button is a citation feature that will generate a citation for the book in MLA, APA, or other forms. The envelope button will allow you to email a link of the book and book information to any email address.

To find the book in the library, note the collection name and the call number of the book, or email this information to yourself using the "Email" envelope icon. Then bring that information into the library to find your book!

pay attention to the books call number and collection

Once you have that information, come into the library and find your book. You can find out more information about locating a book in the library here.

If you have any trouble concerning books or finding books, please talk to a librarian. 

Ask a Librarian

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Search for Books & eBooks at MSU

Use the customized MavScholar search box below to find print books and ebooks.  Visit our Books guide for detailed instructions.

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