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Mystery/Suspense/Thriller/True Crime at Minnesota State University, Mankato

Highlights a few of the mystery, suspense, and/or thriller novels plus some true crime books we have available at MSU.

What is a Mystery novel?

mystery is about solving a crime or a puzzle. The protagonist’s goal is to uncover the clues, solve the mystery and bring the antagonist to justice. Typically, the crime happens near the beginning of the story the identity of the antagonist (murderer) is not revealed until the end.  Examples include Agatha Christie, Murder She Wrote and Psych. source

Types of mystery listed here include detective fiction, police procedurals, cozy mysteries, noir, caper, and historical mystery.


Dark Academia

Dark academia " features an academic setting, like a college or boarding school, and usually features some kind of a dark twist. Hence dark academia. Another description focuses on its themes: a focus on the pursuit of knowledge, and an exploration of death and morbidity." source

Historical Mystery


Police Procedurals

Private Investigators/Bounty Hunters

Scandinavian Mystery


suspense novel is about suspense. The reader knows the protagonist is endangered from the start, but the protagonist may only gradually become aware of the danger. The suspense genre covers everything from romantic suspense to psychological suspense and horror. Examples include Nora Roberts, Lynette Eason and Alfred Hitchcock movies.


thriller is about action and danger. The protagonist’s goal is to stop the bad guy’s evil plan from succeeding. The protagonist and/or others are in danger from the start. Thrillers come in a wide variety of subgenres, including: espionage, political, legal, eco-terror, disaster, treasure, and sci-fi. Big names include Tom Clancy, John Grisham, and Clive Cussler. source

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