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Book Clubs: Discussion Questions

Find material for your book club or information to help you start a new club.

Example Discussion Questions to Get You Started

Many tools exist to help you determine discussion questions for a particular book (see the guides to the right), however here are some questions to get you started! Note: asking "Why?" following many of these questions may deepen the conversation.

  • What words, phrases, ideas, or characters stuck out to you?
  • What part of the book most interested you?
  • Which character was most relatable to you?
  • Did any scene remind you of an experience in your life?
  • What was unique about the characters, setting, or storyline of this book?  What makes this feature unique?
  • How do you think the author's views and opinions influenced the story? What do you imagine the author is like?
  • Did any part of the book make you uncomfortable?  Did the book lead to any new understanding or awareness?
  • Has this book encouraged you to read additional materials by the author or on the subject matter?  Why or why not?

Discussion Guide Resources

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