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Book Clubs: Start a Book Club

Find material for your book club or information to help you start a new club.

A Quick Guide to Starting You Own Book Club

The links to the right will provide more information about starting a book club, but here are a few tips to get you started.

Step 1: Brainstorm

  • Do you want your book club to be academic, social, or somewhere in the middle?
  • How many members would you like to have?  Many guidelines recommend 10-15 members, but larger or small groups may suit your needs.
  • How much time do you want to commit to the book club? This may impact the type of books you read, leadership style, and frequency of your meetings.

Step 2: Recruit Members

  • Coworkers, friends, and family are great starting places. 
  • Posters throughout the community can increase diversity of your group.  

Step 2: Set Guidelines

  • How often will you meet?
  • How will books be selected?
  • Where will meetings be held?
  • Who will lead discussions?

Step 3: Select a Book

  • Use one of the Book Club Kits available at the library or search best seller lists and the library catalog to find interesting titles.
  • Avoid choosing "favorites," as this can lead to hurt feelings.
  • Read widely!  Expore a variety of genres and themes.

Step 4: Read

  • Read as much of the book as you can...
  • Remind members that even if they don't finish the reading, they are still encouraged to come to Book Club!

Step 5: Discuss

  • Many resources exist to help guide book discussions.  One place to start is the Discussion Questions portion of this guide.
  • Encourage Book Club members to come to meetings with questions of their own for discussion. 

Book Club Guides at Memorial Library

Resources for Starting a Book Club

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