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General guide for resources useful to Aviation studies.

Analyses and Reports on Industries

Some good search terms in this database:

  • BMI Industry Reports 
  • CFRA Industry Surveys
  • MarketLine Industry profiles

Within these reports, narrow down your results by adding these terms to the 2nd search box.

  • airports or airlines or aviation or travel or tourism or pilot


Other Resources to Consult for Industry Analyses and Reports

Freely Available Resources for Industry Profiles, Analysis, & Data

Classification codes

These codes group together similar products or services that companies produce and can be used in many business databases to quickly retrieve articles and data on similar industries and companies.

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

A handy tool to find the appropriate NAICS code: 

NAICS & SIC Identification Tools (NAICS Association)

Try Airports, airlines, aviation, travel, etc.

National Classifications (United Nations)


Concentration ratios are measures of market competitiveness and generally take two forms:

  • "n-firm" concentration ratios that identifies the combined market share of the N (N=4, 8,20, 50) largest firms in the market.
  • Herfindahl-Hirschman Index (HHI) includes manufacturing industries only and measures the size of firms n relation to the industry as a whole.

Industry profiles and/or reports at times will provide information on concentration ratios.

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