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Find a Specific Article or Journal: Home

Access an individual article or journal

After reviewing this information, you will be able to:

  • Find journal, magazine, or newspaper by name
    (e.g. New England Journal of Medicine, Star Tribune)
  • Find articles by title
    (e.g. "Understanding the Selfie phenomenon" in the European Journal of Marketing)
  • Access the complete contents of an article or journal

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Finding a Specific Article or Journal Video

How do I know if I'm looking for an article?

To find an article, look for these characteristics:

  • An article title, followed by a publication title (see image below) 
  • Articles will have a publication date, sometimes as specific as day and month along with year
  • Publications usually have a volume and issue number so you know exactly which issue of the publication it's found in. 
  • No publisher or place of publication

You can use the tutorials above or the written directions below to find your article. If you're concerned you might be looking like a book or a book chapter, check out more library resources here:

Not an Article


The article title will be a specific name, sometimes in quotation marks. The publication title will usually follow it in a citation and often will be italicized. The volume, issue and page numbers follow the publication title.

Finding A Specific Article Instructions

Sometimes you'll be on the hunt for one very specific article or Journal. Library Services has a lot of sources and there are many ways to track down those specific articles and journals. Use the information below to help you. 

If you're looking for a journal or magazine, first, click on the "Journals by Title"  tab above the search bar on theLibrary homepage.  

Journals by title search 

Then search for your journal, magazine, or newspaper. You can search by exact or partial title, or ISSN.

Once you've found your journal, it will usually be found in one of two places. It will be either be Available Online or Available at M, MSU Memorial Library in print. Click either link to go to the next step in finding the journal.

Sometimes, "Multiple Versions" are available. Click any link in this entry to see all versions.

Under each journal entry it will list whether available online or available at M,MSU Memorial Library.  Click on the former to access the journal online. Click the later to see where the print copy is located in the library.  Click other link for the next step to locate the journal. Sometimes there are multiple versions and you need to click on the entry for details.

Make sure to check the dates of your publication to see what we have access to. We may not have access to all issues of a given journal. 

Scenario 1: Online Access

If the journal entry states Available Online you can access the journal digitally on or off campus.

If you click Available Online, you will be taken to a site with the most current access to the journal. If you are off-campus, you will be prompted to enter your StarID information.

Clicking Available Online

WARNING: When you click on the links, they will open a new window!

Digital copies of the journal will be in this website. Find the issue you need and there's your source!

look for the volume, issue and dates to find the correct link for your publication

If you click on the journal's title, you will see a record listing all the ways to access this journal in the View Online section .

Clicking the journal's title

Each entry provides a different option to access the journal. Note the date ranges for each entry. Many resources include access to some, but not all, years of the journal's publication. Click on the database or publisher link, and you will be taken to a site with access to the journal. If you are off-campus, you will be prompted to enter your StarID information

WARNING: When you click on the links, they will open a new window!

check the dates below a database to see what years they have available. when youf find a database that has the years you want then click on the link to the database.

Digital copies of the journal will be on this website. Find the issue you need and there's your source!

look for the volume, issue and dates to find the correct link for your publication

Scenario 2: In Print and "Available at MSU,M Memorial Library"

If your journal says Available at MSU,M Memorial Library, it means we have print copies in Memorial Library at MSU!


Click on the title or the location link. Under the Get It section of the next screen, look for and find the collection and call number. You will need this information to locate the journal in Memorial Library. If you are looking for a specific year, volume, or issue, review the list below the collection name to ensure we have the journal issue you are seeking.

The Get It section with journal location information

Most journals will be shelved within the Periodicals Collection on 1st floor.

1st floor library map

In order to find a specific article, start at the Library Services homepage. Search for your article in the MavScholar search box. It is best to search by article title

Use the MavScholar search box to search for your article.

MavScholar will have a lot of different resources.  Scroll through the search results to find your article.

To make it easier to find your article, consider adding more information in an advanced search.

next to the mavscholar search bar there will be an advanced search option.Use it to find specific items.

In an advanced search, you can search by language, date, title, or author.

use the filters in an advanced search to search by title subject, author, language or date.

Try narrowing the publication date to help you find the article earlier.

use the filters on the side of the results to sort by other options like date

Once you find your article, click on Available Online

You can look on the main page to see if a resource is available online or not. Look for "Available online" links to access the source. Click the title for item details.

          2. It will re-route you to a different site like a database. Look for "Full Text" or "Download PDF" buttons to find and access the full article. 

look for "Download PDF" buttons or "Full text" to see the whole article.

If you don't see your article, follow the extra steps below:

If you're having difficulty finding the article, click the "Add Results from Other Sources" option near the top of the page. 

If you can't find your item check the Add Results from Other Sources option

Once you find the article, click on No Online Access or the title. 

click on the No online access link or the title of an article to request it

Sign In using your StarID information under the How to get it section on the next screen.

On the next screen under the how to get it section sign in with your StarID

After signing in, click the Interlibrary Loan link.

Click the Interlibrary Loan link

A form will include automatically filled-in information about the article. Double check the information to make sure it is correct. Click Send Request to continue.  

After signing in and selecting Interlibrary Loan, a form with automatically filled out information will appear. Double check the information for the article to make sure it is correct. Most articles will be sent and accessed online. Click Send Request to continue

Next agree to the copyright terms in order to complete your request.

Agree to copyright terms

The next screen should confirm that your request as been placed.

Look for the confirmation that the ILL request was successful

For more information about this process, check out our guide on requesting articles from other libraries. 

Get Articles from Other Libraries

If you have any trouble, please talk to a librarian.

Ask a Librarian

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