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Find a Specific Article or Journal: Home

Access an individual article or journal

After reviewing this information, you will be able to:

  • Find journal, magazine, or newspaper by name
    (e.g. New England Journal of Medicine, Star Tribune)
  • Find articles by title
    (e.g. "Understanding the Selfie phenomenon" in the European Journal of Marketing)
  • Access the complete contents of an article or journal

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Finding a Specific Article or Journal Video

How do I know if I'm looking for an article?

How do I know if I'm looking for an article?

To find an article, look for these characteristics:

  • An article title, followed by a publication title (see image below) 
  • Articles will have a publication date, sometimes as specific as day and month along with year
  • Publications usually have a volume and issue number so you know exactly which issue of the publication it's found in. 
  • No publisher or place of publication

You can use the tutorials above or the written directions below to find your article. If you're concerned you might be looking like a book or a book chapter, check out more library resources here:

Not an Article


The article title will be a specific name, sometimes in quotation marks. The publication title will usually follow it in a citation and often will be italicized. The volume, issue and page numbers follow the publication title.

Find a Specific Article or Journal

Sometimes you'll be on the hunt for one very specific article or Journal. Memorial Library has a lot of sources and there are many ways to track down those specific articles and journals. Use the information below to help you. 

Find Specific Journal

If you're looking for a journal or magazine, first, click on the "Journals List"  tab above the search bar in the middle of the Library Home page.  

Journal Name Search 

Then search for your journal or magazine. You can do this in a variety of ways. First, you can search for the journal or magazine by the title or title words. There's also a search option for seeing journals by topic. Lastly, there's an alphabetical list where journals and magazines can be found, based on their first letter.

use the search bar in the journals list to search for a title or title words. You can also use the category search option, as well as the list  of letters to find journal or magazine alphabetically.

Once you've found your journal, take a closer look at the entry. You'll want to find the location of the year of the journal you need. To the right of the year will be a link where you can find the journal. It will usually be found in one of two places. It will be either here at Memorial Library, or in a database.

Make sure to check the dates of your publication to see what we have access to. We may not have access to all issues of a given journal. 

available in Memorial Library Print Holdings

Scenario 1: Found in a online library

If the link you need has a different name than Memorial Library, chances are that the journal can be found in an online database. 

Next to the year of the journal you need, click the link to the database. 

If it is found anywhere besides MSU print holdings it will be the name of a database

WARNING: When you click on the links, they will open a new window!

Digital copies of the journal will be in this database. Find the issue you need and there's your source!

look for the volume, issue and dates to find the correct link for your publication

Scenario 2: Found at "Memorial Library Print Holdings"

If your journal says it's in "MSU Print holdings," it means we have it at Memorial Library at MSU!

Found at Memorial librarys print holdings

Click on the "Memorial Library Print Holdings" button. Look for and find  the call number.

the floor number and call number will tell you where to find the publication in the library

Find a Specific Article

In order to find a specific article, start at the Library Services Home Page. Search for your article in the MavScholar search box. It is best to search by article title

Use the MavScholar search box to search for your article.

MavScholar will have a lot of different resources.  Scroll through the search results to find your article.

To make it easier to find your article, consider adding more information in an advanced search, like an author name

try using the advanced search with author and title to find your article easier

Try narrowing the publication date to help you find the article earlier.

use the date range option to narrow down your results

Once you find your article, one of the following things will happen.

Scenario 1: Get Full Text

Once you find your article, click on the title.

to open the item click on the title of the article

          2. It will re-route you to a different site like a database. Look for "Full Text" or "Download PDF" buttons to find and access the full article. 

look for "Download PDF" buttons or "Full text" to see the whole article.

Viola! An article! Make sure to download it or save the citation so you have the information later.

Scenario 2: The Purple Screen

If you click on your article name and it doesn't bring you directly to a database, you might have an extra step to go through. You will probably end up with purple screen with a lot of information. From this page, you'll need to look for the "Full Text" button. Find it and click it. 

Look for a full-text screen link

This should bring you to a database where you can read the entire article. Sometimes you will need to find yet another "Full Text" or "PDF" button to get the whole article. 

access full text

Then you should have your article! Make sure to download it or save the citation so you have the information later.

Can't Find the Article?

If you don't see your article, follow the extra steps below:

At the top of the MavScholar search, check the box that says "Add results beyond your library's collection."

Check the Add results beyond your library collection box

After that, search for the article like you did before, narrowing by author, publication title, or date

try using the advanced search with author and title to find your article easier

Once you find it, click on the title. 

to open the item click on the title of the article

Can't Access Full Article

If you found your article, but it doesn't say "full text" online, chances are you will need to request the article. The link next to the article will often it will say "Citation Online." Click this. 

citation online

It will bring you to a new MSU screen where you will have to click "Interlibrary Loan and/or Request"

Inter Library loan link

Next, login using the barcode from the back of your MavCard as your Username, and your last name as your password. 

to submit an interlibrary loan you will need to log in with the number under the barcode on the back of your mavcard

The request should auto-fill with all the information you need. You'll just need to check the box in order to agree to the copyright, and then click the "Go" button to submit your request. The Library will email you when your article is ready.  You will likely access the item online using instructions provided in the email.

the ILL form should automatically fill in the source information. Articles are usually mailed to your mavmail. You will need to check the box agreeing to the copyright then click go to submit your request.

For more information about this process, check out our guide on requesting articles from other libraries. 

If you have any trouble, please talk to a librarian.

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