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FYEX 100: First Year Experience Introduction to the MSU Library

This guide provides FYEX 100 students an introduction to Memorial Library.

FYEX Library Instruction Goals & Objectives

Goal, Objectives, & Student Learning Outcomes 

Goal: Work with FYEX and KSP 106 instructors to help improve students’ understanding of and comfort using a university library.

Objective: Provide a physical and virtual orientation to the library and introduce students to major collections and services.

Following a FYEX 100 or KSP 106 library workshop, students will be able to: 

  1. Identify different study spaces available in the building 
  1. Differentiate between the major library collections 
  1. Identify how to get reference assistance in person or online 
  1. Describe how to check out materials 
  1. Use library resources, such as MavScholar, to locate electronic items 
  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the purpose of call numbers by using them to find items 
  1. Use library resources to locate and retrieve physical items 
  1. Identify how to find and checkout Maverick Textbooks 
  1. Recognize basic differences between scholarly and popular sources (optional/future goal) 

FYEX Library Services Educational Competencies

Competency 1: Use information and your library in order to succeed academically 

  • 1.a Identify various forms of study, physical information sources, and technology tools in the library 
  • 1.d Identify various sources of help for research (e.g. library and classroom faculty, library staff, peers, class & subject guides, etc) 

Competency 3: Access information using appropriate search tools in order to gather evidence on an inquiry 

  • 3.a Utilize the library website to access information 
  • 3.c Identify sources online or physically from MSU collections 

Competency 4: Evaluate the quality, usefulness, and relevance of the information in order to determine the appropriateness of a source 

  • 4.a Differentiate between scholarly (research-based) and popular (informational, summary, or opinion-based) sources 

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