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ENG 101: Foundations of Writing & Rhetoric

The official library guide fo Foundations of Writing & Rhetoric (formerly English Composition) classes at Minnesota State Mankato


Secondary research means finding and using information that has been collected and analyzed by someone else. 

Find Scholarly, Academic Articles

Scholarly, academic, peer reviewed articles are an important part of academic writing. When you talk with friends about a topic of shared interest, their ideas can help you think of new and different ways of looking at or doing something. The same thing happens in scholarly, academic research. 

You can read existing academic articles and use these articles to

  1. Form a new research question.
  2. Develop a research method.
  3. Identify ways you can communicate your findings and connect your findings to other research.

The exchange of ideas through articles over time is often referred to as a scholarly conversation.

You can use MavScholar, the library's main database, to find scholarly articles for your assignments. 

Find Scholarly Sources Using MavScholar

Use the MavScholar search box below to find most, but not all, library items available at Minnesota State Mankato.

Find articles, books, videos & more

MavScholar Tutorial

This playlist contains two videos. The first video is an introduction to MavScholar. The second is a short demonstration of the tool's search features.

MavScholar Quick Tips

to temporarily save an item use the pin icon on an items bar. If you are logged in the pin icon will permanently save the item to your resources. To view pinned items, click the pin icon in the upper right corner of the screen. To email information about a source to yourself or someone else, use the small envelope icon next to a source. Finally, to get a link to the item and it's information, use the little paperclip icon.

When you click on the title, you will see information like this:

One you've clicked on an items title, you will be able to see more information about the item, like it's location if it is at Minnesota state university mankato. You will also see useful buttons, like the small printer icon which allows you to print the information you see about your resource, or the little quotation marks which is the citation button. The citation button will generate a citation for the resource in a variety of citation styles like APA and MLA.

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