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Education Research Overview: Literature Reviews

Overview of literature review process and Education resources

What is a literature review?

The literature review has two distinct components:

  • a finished product representing an extensive compilation of references identifying relevant research and theory in a selected field of study that relates to the research question
  • an ongoing process designed to help formulate a research question, as well as inform research methodology and the analysis and interpretation of collected information and data 

Each tab represents steps in the research process for conducting a literature review.

Obtaining Broad Overview: provides resources for obtaining a broad overview and general understanding of a topic

Searching for Information: identifies core research resources in the field of education

Interacting with Information: provides reading tips and strategies to help in remembering, understanding, and assimilating new information

Research Question Checklist: identifies key components of a good research question

Citing Sources: provides information on how to document sources using the APA style manual

Books on the Literature Review and Writing Process

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