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ENG 101: Composition (Dimock)

Revising and/or Refining Research Question

To determine if your research question should be revised or refined,  ask yourself if it is:

  • focused on a single problem or issue?
  • clear enough to be easily understood without needing any additional explanation?
  • concise or expressed in the fewest possible words?
  • researchable in that a suitable amount of research is available, such as academic books and refereed journals?
  • answerable within the timeframe specified in the assignment?
  • specific enough to be answered thoroughly?
  • complex enough that it cannot be answered with a simple "yes" or "no," but rather requires an analysis and synthesis of ideas?

If you answered "yes" to all of the above, think about what resources should be consulted as you seek answers to your questions. Be sure to identify a variety of perspectives and responses to your questions.

Finding Articles

Google Search

Google Scholar Search
Google Book Search

If you are using Google Scholar off campus, change your settings to link to our library holdings. 


the location of the view it at MNSU and get it at MNSU buttons on google scholar

8. You may be asked to enter your StarID username and password to access the article

  1. Click here to access Google Scholar's settings
  2. Select Library Links to the left
  3. Search for Minnesota State University Mankato
  4. Check all options for Minnesota State University Mankato
  5. Press the Save button
  6. Conduct your search in Google Scholar
  7. If you cannot access the articles by clicking on the title, click the "View It @ My Library" or the double arrow icon and the "Get it @ MNSU" links.

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