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Native American Children's and Young Adult Literature: Books

A multiculturally grounded guide to finding Native American Children's and Young Adult Literature.This guide can also help education students and teaching professionals find resources to meet Minnesota American Indian Academic Standards.


Please see the small arrow on the "Books" tab above to navigate to the following pages:

  1. Children's Picturebooks
  2. Books for Older Children & Young Adults

The books in each category were selected with the help of several aids, including:

  1. A reading list for English 661, offered at Minnesota State University, Mankato, by Dr. Jacqueline Arnold.
  2. Debbie Reese's Recommendations:
    • Debbie Reese's American Indian Elementary Top Ten Book Titles
    • 2010 Best Books Recommended for Elementary School
    • 2010 Best Books Recommended for Middle School
    • 2010 Best Books Recommended for High School
    • 2013 Best Books for Elementary School
    • 2013 Best Books for Middle School
    • 2013 Best Books for High School
  3. A recommended book list available from the American Indian/ Indigenous Education website
  4. Published articles, including:
    • Bader, Barbara. "Multiculturalism in the Mainstream." The Horn Book Magazine, May/ June 2003.
    • Murphy, Nora. "Starting Children on the Path to the Pat: American Indians in Children's Historical Fiction." Minnesota History, 57(6), Summer, 2001.

The books are not currently categorized by genre or age range. The call number gives some sense of the genre. See the starting letters or letters and numbers of each call number to get a sense of the genre:


E History
PS American Literature
PZ7 Juvenile Fiction


The call numbers helpfully separate non-fiction (E) from fiction(P). Unfortunately, the call numbers don't separate fiction genres, such as realistic fiction and folklore.

The books listed here may be found in the Juvenile Collection on the lower level of Memorial Library, in the Lass Center on the second floor, or in the General Collection (PS can be found on the third floor). By clicking on the title of any book, the collection will be displayed.

The list of books here is by no means comprehensive. This list provides a selection from our collection, focused on Juvenile materials explicitly recommended in the sources listed above. Please explore the catalog for more resources.

We hope to continue adding to the collection. Please feel free to contact any of the editors of this Libguide with feedback or recommendations.

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