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Mankato Free Press (MFP)

Information about the Mankato Free Press newspaper and how to access it.

Historic Mankato Newspapers

  • Mankato Free Press - Titles over the years
    • Free Press, 1973-present
    • Mankato Free Press, 1931-1973
    • Mankato Daily Free Press, 1887-1931
    • Review, 1878-1919 (Also known as Daily Review; Continues Mankato Weekly Review, Absorbed by Mankato Daily Free Press)
    • Mankato Weekly Review, 1869-1878 (Also known as Mankato Review)
  • Other Mankato Newspapers
    • Mankato News, 1924-1957 (Continues Mankato Telegram and the Union News)
    • Mankato Telegram and the Union News,1923-1924 (Formed from union of Mankato Telegram and Union News)
    • Mankato Telegram, 1922-1923
    • Union News, 1918-1923
    • Mankato Weekly Free Press, -1879 -1824  (Also known as Mankato Free Press and Mankato Free Press and Weekly Review; Formed from merger of Mankato Union and Record. This Free Press has a different publisher than Mankato Daily Free Press.)
    • Mankato Union, 1864-1868 (Continues Mankato Weekly Union)
    • Mankato Weekly Union, 1863-1864 (Continues Mankato Independent)
    • Mankato Independent, 1861-1863 (Continues Mankato Weekly Independent)
    • Mankato Weekly Independent, 1857-1861 (Also known as Mankato Semi-weekly Independent)
    • Mankato Record, 1869-1879 (Continues Mankato Weekly Record)
    • Mankato Weekly Record, 1859-1860, 1861-1869 (Also known as Mankato Semi-Weekly Record)
    • Mankato Post, 1887-1888, 1891-1892, 1901-1902, 1916-1918 (German Language newspaper) Only available through the Minnesota Historical Society.

All of the titles above except the Mankato Weekly Free Press and Mankato Post are available in the Memorial Library periodicals collection on the first floor.  The call number for all of the titles begins: AN23.M314. 

All of the above titles are also available from the Minnesota Historical Society

Electronic Access to Mankato Newspapers

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