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Meet the Author of Perfectly Good White Boy

Biographical Sketch

I’ve worked as a teacher in both public and private schools; my writing has appeared in the StarTribune, Brain, Child magazine, Calyx, and other web and print publications. I teach teenagers about writing at The Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis. However, the best job I ever had was when I worked in a thrift store pawing through donations of cast-off junk. Loved that job so much.

My first two books, Sex & Violence & Perfectly Good White Boy were published by Carolrhoda LAB.

My third book, Cut Both Ways, (HarperCollins), will be released September 2015.

All these books are young adult novels with male narrators. Maybe I will do a girl narrator next? Who the hell knows?

I wish I could report all sorts of cute quirky things that I do, but really, I’m kind of boring. I read a lot and never really go anywhere and don’t see that changing ever. Probably I should get some hobbies or something? Sometimes I crochet stuff.

I live with Adrian, my husband, Matilda, my daughter, and Pablo, my dog. All of whom are super interesting, actually. Built-in entertainment, really.

Extracted from the author's website (17 February 2015)


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