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Cognitive Science

Cognitive Science is concerned with understanding perception, language, reasoning, learning and problem-solving.


Cognitive Science is an interdisciplinary inquiry concerned with understanding the nature and development of such intelligent capacities as perception, language, reasoning, learning and problem-solving, whether these capacities are realized in biological or artificial systems. Such inquiry is by its very nature interdisciplinary, integrating methodological, theoretical and practical foci of Biology, Computer Science, Philosophy and Psychology into a single course of study.

The structure of the major insures students have a solid grounding in each of the four disciplines as well as a specific concentration in one area that draws on the interdisciplinary foundation. Graduates of the program will be prepared for a variety of post-baccalaureate options.

  • They will be prepared for any of the careers open to graduates with degrees in one of the participating disciplines.
  • They will be prepared for graduate study in traditional programs in Biology, Computer Science, Psychology or Philosophy
  • They will also be prepared for study in one of the many recently developed graduate Cognitive Science programs as well as graduate study in related programs such as cognition, brain, and behavior, cognitive neuroscience, biopsychology and human-computer interaction.

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