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History Day 2023

Digital Resources to Use at MSU

Digital Resources to Use at MSU

There are a lot more free Minnesota resources for you to use! Check out the "Minnesota Topics"  section under the "Resources to Use at Home" tab. 

Video Resources

Physical Resources at MSU

Physical Resources to Use at MSU

There is a wide variety of primary sources available in the library. Here are some key words to try when searching. Try them out in the search bar below.

  • Sources
  • Texts
  • Documents
  • Treatises
  • Translations

Find Books, Videos, Music & More at Minnesota State Mankato Libraries

Use the customized MavScholar search box below to find print books and ebooks.  Visit our Books guide for detailed instructions.

Find books & ebooks with MavScholar

Locating Items in the Library

Below are some links to help you locate items in the library.

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