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Additional information for some of the library's resources.

To get started with UpToDate:

During your initial visit to UpToDate, you will be prompted to establish a username and password with UpToDate. You must log-in in through the library's website in order to create a username and password with UpToDate, Inc.

Once established, a username and password allows the you to access UpToDate from any Internet-enabled device (including iOS and Android devices), regardless of your location.

Additional information

The UpToDate app is available on Android and iOS devices and can be used with established login credentials following the methods above. Here are the direct links to download the app:




  • All users are required to login to UpToDate, using their username and password, at least once every 90 days via the library's website.
  • If that log-in does not occur, your access UpToDate will be suspended.
  • In the event of suspension, you can automatically re-verify by logging-in to UpToDate, using your username and password, via the library's website.

Access the resource:

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