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Using MavPRINT Mobile

MavPRINT is a student printing service available to all currently-enrolled students. With MavPRINT you can print from your laptop, tablet or smartphone as long as it is capable of sending attachments via email.  MavPRINT provides students use of over 50 printers at various locations throughout the Mankato and Edina campuses as well as residence halls including Stadium Heights Residence Community. To learn more about MavPRINT, please visit the website.


1. Navigate to 


2. Sign in with StarID and StarId password.


3. Upload document to be printed. To upload the document click on the upload button located towards the upper left hand side of the window. Once you have uploaded the document you can go to any MavPRINT station on campus sign in and print.


4. (Optional) Select or modify print options. Select the document you want to modify by clicking on it. Then in the lower right hand corner of the window is where you would make change the printing options.

     1. Select between black and white printing or color printing.

     2. Select between double sided or single sided printing.

     3. Select page range.

     4. Select pages per slide.

     5. Select number of copies to be printed.

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