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CSP 110--Decision Making for Career and Life

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This class guide has been developed to assist you in locating and accessing information on various jobs as you determine your career path. Each section focuses on a different aspect of the process for choosing a career to pursue.  

Minnesota State University, Mankato Career Development Center has many resources and services to help you with your career. Be sure to visit their site for more information.


Self-Assessment--identifying your personality type, interests, values, skills, etc.

Career Development Process--identifying a range of employment opportunities, in addition to providing access to interactive exercises designed to assist you in establishing career goals

Occupation Information--providing job related information, such as work environment, training, advancement opportunities, current employment statistics (including  mean, median, highest and lowest salary earnings), etc.

Employment Trends and Salary Information--providing statistics forecasting future employment outlook by job category, as well as salary calculators

Additional Information--locating and accessing additional resources on the topic of selecting a career



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