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Tips for Advanced Researchers: Add Results - Articles

Some tools and tips curated by librarians to take your library research to the next level.

How to utilize "Add results from other sources" with articles

Sometimes you are searching for an article and none of the results are quite right or perhaps you have landed on the dread “No records found” page.


No Records Found

But alas! Hope is not lost!  Just click on your friend “Add Results from Other Sources” and other results will appear:


Add Results box

At this point, you should click on the article title.  Even if it indicates that there is “No online access”.  Sometimes we are able to access articles through open access sources, in other cases you may need to order it through Interlibrary Loan. This article is available via open access.

Open access link

If no access to the article is available, you should sign in with your StarID and password:

Sign in

After signing in, you now have the option to request the item via Interlibrary Loan.

Interlibrary Loan link

Visit our Interlibrary Loan page if you need more information, or chat with us at Ask a Librarian for live assistance.

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