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Library Quick Links for CAHN 101W: Home

After the librarian's visit, you will be able to:

  • Distinguish scholarly sources (mainly research articles) from other sources

  • Find research articles 

  • Access APA style resources to help format your paper and cite sources 

Scholarly Information

Webpages are containers for different kinds of information

Scholarly sources are the foundation of college-level research &
are required for your assignment.

Use the tips below to help you compare sources.

  Scholarly Sources General Sources
TYPES Journals (often called peer-reviewed), books from academic publishers, government reports, theses, conference papers Magazines, newspapers, blogs, wikis, consumer information
AUDIENCE Written for professionals & students in a discipline Written for the average reader
PURPOSE Provides information through original research & data Provides information that summarizes research or opinion
CITATIONS Includes references or bibliography Few references or no bibliography
LENGTH Usually in PDF file; more than 5 pages Often posted directly on a web page; measured in paragraphs rather than pages
LOOK Mostly text and charts, few ads Many pictures & graphs, many ads
ACCESS Usually accessible via a library site or requires payment on Google Usually freely available on Google or found in stores

Developing your topic before searching

Find Sources Using MavScholar

Use the MavScholar search box below to find most, but not all, library items available at Minnesota State Mankato.

Find articles, books, videos & more

Find Resources by Subject

Other Resources

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