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Due to low use, a rising subscription cost, and the number of freely available citation and reference management tools, the library will cancel RefWorks when our current subscription ends December 31, 2019. Any citations not migrated out of RefWorks will be inaccessible after this date. Information about migrating your data from RefWorks to Mendeley or Zotero can be found on this guide.

Use the Citation Tools and Management library Guide [coming soon] to compare the two citation managers that MSU Mankato's librarians recommend: Mendeley and Zotero. Until our page is developed, please refer to the page created by our friends at ASU.

While certain academic fields may prefer one platform over another, both citation managers are endorsed by Memorial Library as effective, low-cost (or free) tools that offer a variety of benefits to their users.

Frequently asked questons about the transition

We decided to cancel based upon rising subscription costs combined with low usage along with the rising prevalence of free citation management tools.

Your plan of action to help migrate your citations to another management tool can include any of the following:

  • Continue reading this RefWorks Cancellation FAQs page
  • Learn more about citation management tools like Zotero and Mendeley [citation management guide coming soon]
  • Get in touch with your friendly librarians for support.
  • Decide if you would like to migrate your RefWorks entries. Get help migrating.


No. You will be unable to access your RefWorks account after December 31, 2019.

The Library made multiple attempts to reach out to RefWorks users in 2019, including publicizing the transition in the library newsletter, informing faculty through liaison letters, and the library website. We will also be sending out email messages to all RefWorks account holders who have used RefWorks in the past year.

Please see this handy dandy migration guide.

What else can I use?

For more information on citation management tools and how to organize your references, generate bibliographies, collaborate with others and compare tools, visit our library guide [COMING SOON].

No, you cannot. RefWorks does not offer individual accounts at this time.

Both Zotero and Mendeley offer both a desktop version and an online account where you can store references and to which you can sync the data you have saved in the desktop version.

  • You can download Zotero either as an add-on for your Firefox browser or as a standalone program that works in Chrome or Safari. Data is saved locally, but you can set up an account on Zotero and sync your bibliographic information and attached files (up to 300 MB for free, and more for a modest fee) to your online account.
  • Mendeley offers both Mendeley Desktop and an online account.


Yes! It is not as advanced as either Zotero or Mendeley but it does offer some basic citation management functionality. After you sign in on MavScholar, you can pin your favorite library materials to save them to your account and generate citations for each from MavScholar. You can also export RIS files from MavScholar into any of the above citation managers and add labels to sort your saved resources.

Yes. Click the ellipses (...) in each record you will see an option that says "citation". In this area you can choose from:

  • APA - 6th edition
  • ASA
  • Chicago/Turabian 16th edition
  • Chicago Author Date 16th edition
  • Council of Science Editors
  • Ecology
  • MLA - 8th edition

Click Copy Citation to Clipboard and paste into your document.

Remember to double check the citations, particularly from MavScholar, as they are not 100% correct.

Other citation managers also provide the possibility of collaborative work, through “groups” on Zotero and Mendeley.

  • Zotero offers unlimited number of members in group.
  • Mendeley has no limit on the number of private groups free users can join, however each private group created by a free account can only have a maximum of three members.


Many thanks to Arizona State University Library for their original library guide that provided much of the information found on this page.  Also, thanks to them for providing me with the impetus to learn how to create collapsing text and flex my atrophied coding muscles a bit.

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