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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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  • Renew library books and other materials

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Renew Books Tutorial

Renew Books

Renew Books

Memorial Library at MSU, Mankato is full of great books and other items you can check out, but you may want to keep these materials longer than the date they are due back to the library. In this case, you’ll want to extend, or what we call renew, the amount of time you can keep the items, and avoid overdue fees or delays with class registration.

To access your library account, start at MSU's homepage and navigate to the Library's page. 

On the library's homepage find the dropdown menu labelled home to find the link to the library's page

On the Library's homepage, below the MavScholar search bar, click on the link labeled "My Library Account."

on the library home page find the link for my library account

To login, use the 14 digit number from the back of your MavCard for your UserID. The password is your last name. 

the number for your username is on the back of your MavCard below the barcode. Your password is your last name

Your library account will open on a page marked "My Checked Out Items." It will show which books you currently have checked out, including their current due dates. 

the main page will show your checked out times. each item will show the title, year of publication, and due date.

Renewing All Items:

To renew all of your items, go to the top of the "My Checked Out Items" page and click the button that says "Renew All Items."

use the button labeled renew all items on your account to renew all possible items

Renewing Specific Items:

To renew specific items, check the small box next to the book's title. 

check the box next to your item to select the item

After selecting your materials, click the "Renew Selected Items" button at the top of the page. 

after selecting your materials use the renew selected items button near the top of the page

If your books and materials have been successfully renewed, the due dates will change to reflect the new due date.

If item cannot be renewed, an explanatory message will appear. If you have any issues or questions, feel free to call the Circulation Desk at 507-389-5931

Some books may not have a check box next to the title. If this is the case, you can not renew these items. Some items simply not be renewed online, or else you may have already renewed your materials the maximum number of times. 

This example has no check box and cannot be renewed online. the book's information shows that it has already been renewed the maximum number of times

In this case, you will need to physically bring the item back into the library to check back in. If no one else has requested the book or item, most of the time you will be able to check it back out again.

You can also renew a book or other items borrowed from a different library, an Interlibrary Loan or ILL, from the same library account pages. 

First, navigate to the sidebar and click on the "ILL Requests" option. 

Navigate to the ILL Requests page in your library account

There, the renewal process will be nearly identical. Check the boxes for items you with to renew, or choose "Renew All" option at the top of the page. 

use the renew selected ILLs or renew all ILLs buttons to renew your materials.

Please know that it takes extra time to renew an ILL because we need to contact the other library to extend the due date. If you are close to the ILL's due date, you may not be able to renew!

If you have any trouble with renewals or your account, please talk to a librarian. 

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