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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Library Materials for Distance Students: Home

After reviewing this information, you will be able to:

  • Apply for a MavCard
  • Enroll in Document Delivery (enables us to ship library items to you)
  • Request library materials

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Requesting Library Materials for Distance Students Tutorial

Requesting Library Materials for Distance Students

Requesting Library Materials for Distance Students

First, in order to request that materials be sent to you, you need a MavCard. If you already have a MavCard, you can skip on to the next step. If not, keep reading and apply for your MavCard today!

First, go to the Extended Learning Website at . This is and where you, as a distance student, need to apply for a MavCard. 

go to mnsu dot E D U dot E X T learning

Fill out the form on this page in order to request a MavCard

fill out the form on the page then click the submit form button at the bottom of the page to request a mavcard

You will need to have MavCard in order to complete the rest of the steps. Getting a MavCard may take a few days. 

Once you have a MavCard, you need to fill out the "Request for Document Delivery Service" online. 

Fill out and submit this form! Make sure to list your current address, as this will be the address we'll send the materials to.

fill out all of the question and hit the submit button in order to request for document delivery

Please note that it will take two business days to process this form. 

With MavCard in hand (and document delivery approved) you can request Library materials be sent to you through WorldCat. 

To use WorldCat, go to the Library's home page and find the WorldCat link, usually just below the MavScholar search. 

Find the WorldCat  link below the MavScholar search bar

From here, search for your book or other library item. 

type in your topic or title and hit search to find library materials


You can filter your requests by format, author, date, or language. If you want to request books specifically from our direction, look for the note "Held by: Minnesota State University, Mankato." 

filter options can be found on the side to narrow results by format or author, etc. It will also show you what kind of item you are looking at and whether or not it is held by Minnesota State University, Mankato

Once you find an item that you want, click on the title. 

when you find the itme from MSU you want click on the titile

Then, you'll see a "Distance Request" or "Request Item through Interlibrary Loan" button. Click on it. 

look for the distance request button under Availability

Once on this purple screen, you'll need to click on the "Interlibrary Loan and/or Request" button. 

look for the interlibrary loan and or request link

You'll then need to log in using the barcode number from the back of your MavCard (not your Star ID) and your password, which is usually your last name. 

your User ID is your barcode from the back of your MavCard and your password is your last name

After this there's a request form, which should fill-out for you automatically, but it's a good idea to double-check this information just in case. You can add extra information in the "notes" box farther down on the form. 

verify the information about the book you are requesting and add any extra information in the notes section of the form.

Now, under "Pickup/delivery location" you need to change the location to "MSU, M Distance Patron Delivery." This is very important as it lets the library know they are sending this book somewhere!

If you just filled out your Document Delivery Request, this option may not yet be available. If this is the case, tell us in the "Notes" section that you just filled out the "Document Delivery Request" and want this item sent to your address.

choose MSU Distance Patron Deliver in the Pickup delivery location option

Finally, agree to the copyright terms by checking the box and click "Go" to submit!

click the box to agree to the warning statement, then click the go button to submit your request

There will be a final screen saying that an "ILL request was registered." The book will be sent to whatever address you put on the Document Delivery form, and pay close attention to the paperwork that comes with it, as loan times will vary. Congratulations, your book is on the way!

there will be a notification saying the request was registered

You are responsible for getting loaned materials back to the library on time. You can return items either in person or by mail.  If you choose to return items by mail, please allow extra time so the materials can get back to Memorial Library by the due date. 

a picture of Memorial library

Many Minnesota Libraries will do a courtesy book return using the Minitex Courier system. That means they will send it back to MSU for you. You should ask your local Library for details. Community colleges or academic colleges are usually a good place to ask as well. 

If you intend to return the items yourself, you can mail the items to:

Interlibrary Loan

Minnesota State University, Mankato

PO Box 8419

Mankato, MN 56002-8419

If you have any trouble concerning books or finding books, please talk to a librarian. 

Ask a Librarian

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